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Easy Violin Guitar duets by Giuliani 74-2

Easy Violin Guitar duets by Giuliani 74-2

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Giuliani, Mauro Giuseppe Sergio Pantaleo (27 July 1781 – 8 May 1829)

Mauro Giuseppe Sergio Pantaleo Giuliani (27 July 1781 8 May 1829) was an Italian guitarist, cellist, singer, and composer. He was a leading guitar virtuoso of the early 19th century.
This is the second of the set of 16 easy and pleasant duets for violin and guitar composed by Mauro Giulani at 1810.
For Violin and guitar duet.
With downloadable mp3's for audio help (with both the Violin and guitar and one with guitar only for practicing the Violin).  With guitar tablature.

Pages: Six pages (2 pages both Violin and guitar, 1 pages Violin part, 1 page guitar part, 2 pages guitar with guitar tablature part), 3:10' min.

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