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Joyful We Adore Thee flute guitar duet

Joyful We Adore Thee flute guitar duet

flute guitar duet / lyrics

Beethoven, Ludwig van (17 December 1770 – 26 March 1827), Henry van Dyke (November 10, 1852 – April 10, 1933)


The Hymn of Joy (often called Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee after the first line) is a poem written by Henry van Dyke in 1907 with the intention of musically setting it to the famous "Ode to Joy" melody of the final movement of Ludwig van Beethoven's final symphony. This hymn is generally considered to be one of the most joyous expressions of hymn lyrics in the English language.

For Flute and Guitar duet or Flute, Guitar and voice.
With melody line and lyrics. With standard notation and tablature.
With downloadable mp3 just for audio help or sing along.

Easy to Early intermediate.
Pages: Three (3) pages (2 pages Melody/Flute and Guitar with tab, 1 page Melody/Flute part).

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guitar flute duet

Kuffner, Joseph (March 31, 1776 - September 9, 1856)


Serenade op 72 for Flute or Violin and Guitar by Joseph Kuffner (31 March 1776  - 9 September 1856).
(Three movements: Andante, Minuet allegretto, Rondo moderato.)

With downloadable mp3's for audio help (with both the Flute and guitar and one with guitar only for practicing the Flute).

Pages: 26 pages (7 pages Flute part, 7 pages guitar part, 12 page Flute and guitar), 11' min.

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12 Walzes for Flute and Guitar duet

12 Walzes for Flute and Guitar duet

flute guitar duet

Bevilacqua, Mathieu (1772 — 22 January 1849)


12 Walzes for Flute and Guitar duet by Matteo (Mathieu) Bevilacqua (1772 - 22 January 1849).

For Flute and Guitar duet.
Early intermediate.  Guitar standard notation.

With downloadable mp3's just for audio help or practice (one with both flute and guitar, and one with guitar only).

Pages: Twenty five (25) pages, (1 page cover, 12 pages score with both Flute and Guitar, 6 pages Flute part,  6 pages Guitar part).

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