Sor method for the spanish guitar edition 1830

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Second Part: Scores

Title: Method for the Spanish guitar (Méthode pour la guitare. Inglés) by Ferdinand Sor; traslated from the original by A. Merrick 
Author:  Sor, Fernando (1778-1839)
Date: 1830 Edition London R. Cocks & Co. Cirencester Printed by William Fowler.

Some notes:

Although Sor is one of the greatest guitarists of all time, his method is outdated. It is too literally written and lacks examples and embedded valuable music scores.
But, the reader (guitarist probably) should notice some fine Sor's remarks that are of great value todays also:

  • I make a great distinction between a musician and a note-player.

  • Regard the effect of the music more than the praise as to skill as a  performer.

  • A guitarist who is a harmonist, will always have an advantage over one who is not.

  • I love music, I feel it...

Fernando Sor classical guitar method 

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