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Baroque music for Guitar solo score download


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Baroque Guitar music, selected baroque music :
1 Minuet by Giovanni Kriegher (1649-1725) 1 page, easy to early intermediate.
2 Gigue by Jan Losy (1650-1721) 1 page, easy to early intermediate.
3 Gavotte by Johann Fischer (1656 -1746) 1 page, early intermediate.
4 Theme by Mauro Giuliani (1781 - 1829) 1 page, early intermediate.

5 Sarabanda by Ludovico Roncalli (1654–1713) 1 page, early intermediate.
6 Tourdion by Pierre Attaingnan (1494 –1552) 1 page, early intermediate.
7 Gavotte by Giuseppe Brescianello (1690 –1758) 2 pages, early intermediate.
8 Menuet by Sylvius Leopold Weiss (1687-1750) 1 page, early intermediate.
9 Minuet by Giovanni Kriegher (1649-1725) as no1 but with embellisments, 2 pages intermediate.

For Guitar solo.

With some finger position suggestions. With standard notation and tablature.

With mp3's just for audio help.

Early intermediate to intermediate.


PDF and MP3 in one compressed (zip) file 7,7 MB.

Pages: Eleven (11) pages music score.

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Baroque music for Guitar solo score download
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