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Classic and romantic duets piano 4 hands duets sheet music pdf mp3


Ten short Duets themes from romantic and classcical era for early intermediate piano. By Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Adam, Halevy, Donizetti, Weber.
Includes parts for both players.

With mp3's for audio help.

PDF and MP3 in one compressed (zip) file 1 MB.
​Pages: 22 (1 page cover, 1 page infos, 20 pages piano score).

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  • Infos

    First published at 1877.

    Each duet is one page for prima and one page for seconda : 20 pages plus one page with some infos.
    These are short duets of the era's great composers grand successes (themes of sonates, operas, etc)  that used to be played in gatherings and salons, with friends and families.

    Marche Funèbre - Chopin
    Duo de la molinara - Paissielo
    Ariette - Halévy
    Duo de don Juan - Mozart
    Menuet du septuor - Beethoven
    Coeur de jeunes filles - Weber
    Marche Turque - Mozatrt
    Entr' Acte - Donizetti
    Invitation a la Dance - Donizetti
    Air du chalet - Adam

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