Canon guitar solo sheet music Pachelbel


Pachelbel's Canon arranged for Classical Guitar Solo.


With tablature. With mp3 for audio help.
PDF and MP3 in one compressed (zip) file.


Pages: 4 pages guitar solo sheet music,  3' min

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  • Tips

    • The key used here is Emaj (4 sharps). In measures 37-40, a change to F#maj is added to give harmonic interest, then we return to Emaj. 
    • The Bmaj (meas. 4,8 etc.) can be played to your convenience, as a barre chord.
    • As a general rule, use your thumb (p) to play E,A,D strings and index (i), middle (m), ring finger (a) to play G,B,E strings.
    • The triplet in measures 25-28 is used to add a rythmic interest to the tempo.
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