Canon by Pachelbel guitar solo sheet music

Canon guitar solo sheet music Pachelbel


Pachelbel's Canon arranged for Classical Guitar Solo.


With tablature. With mp3 for audio help.
PDF and MP3 in one compressed (zip) file.


Pages: 4 pages guitar solo sheet music,  3' min

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  • Tips

    • The key used here is Emaj (4 sharps). In measures 37-40, a change to F#maj is added to give harmonic interest, then we return to Emaj. 
    • The Bmaj (meas. 4,8 etc.) can be played to your convenience, as a barre chord.
    • As a general rule, use your thumb (p) to play E,A,D strings and index (i), middle (m), ring finger (a) to play G,B,E strings.
    • The triplet in measures 25-28 is used to add a rythmic interest to the tempo.
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