Aguado guitar method

Dionisio Aguado y García (8 April 1784 - 29 December 1849) was a Spanish classical guitarist and composer.

     Born in Madrid, he studied with Miguel García. In 1826, Aguado visited Paris, where he met and became friends with and for a while lived with Fernando Sor.

Sor's duo Les Deux Amis ("The Two Friends") commemorated the friendship: one part is marked "Sor" and the other "Aguado."

Aguado published also a short and simple guitar method: "The Guitar taught by a simple method; or a treatise on the elementary principles of playing that instrument in an agreeable manner and in a very short time."

     In this method Aguado, covers the basics: guitar and hands position and also the fingering on intervals. In his examples, he instructs to use only the thumb, the index and middle finger.


As he states, this method produces quick results because: "The amateur will learn with facility and pleasure from the very first lesson, because he will understand it, and will directly perceive that his left hand moves from the bottom to the top of the neck of the guitar.

The right hand, which requires special attention, begins at once to play with confidence, attacking the strings with three fingers in the most advantageous manner. 

At the same time the pupil exercises his hands, and disposes them so as to play any music he pleases; he forms himself a repertory of Waltzes, he will play well and with facility, and, consequently, he at once reaps the fruits or his studies.

  • What not to keep from this method: The finger position suggestions, which exclude the ring finger (probably because the method had promised short time results and this was more likely if the amateur player instructed to use only  the thumb, index and middle finger - and not the weaker ring finger).

  • What to keep from this method:

  1. The interval fingering positions which is foundamental to knowing the fingerboard.

  2. The Lessons.

Dionisio Aguado classical guitar method